Electric Cinema: Maya Deren


Watch a movie then talk about it.

March Film: a selection of films by Maya Deren
Doors open at 7:30, movie starts at 8:00. Open seating.

A pioneer of experimental filmmaking in the 1940s, Maya Deren was a writer, cinematographer, director, choreographer, and poet.

"My reason for creating them is almost as if I would dance... except this is a much more marvelous dance. It's because in film, I can make the world dance."
~Maya Deren in 'In the Mirror of Maya Deren'

About Electric Cinema:

Our Mission is to cultivate community and conversations about film and art through bi-monthly screenings hosted and curated by Crazy Multiply at Matter in Banpo.

Feature lengths and shorts of avant garde, experimental & new media films will be screened in an intimate setting. We will enjoy drinks at Matter after the movie for discussion.

**Matter's kitchen will be closed on Thursday. Please bring your own snacks. The bar will be serving wine.***